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If you or a loved one have been diagnosed with Mesothelioma or Lung Cancer, you have important legal rights and may be entitled to financial compensation.  Did you know there is over 30 billion dollars in asbestos trust funds available for victims?  You can use this money to help with medical bills and treatment, and provide peace of mind for your family's financial future.  Please call today to get the facts.  Toll Free 1-866-777-2557 or simply fill out our contact form below and a Bronx Asbestos Attorney will get back to you.  This is a free, no obligation consultation.  There are no legal fees unless we help secure a financial settlement for you.  1-866-777-2557.  Call now.   Mesothelioma Lawyer Bronx NY

Mesothelioma Lawyer Bronx New York

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Managing the Side Effects of Chemotherapy for Mesothelioma Patients: Hair Loss, Infections and Nerve Damage

Chemotherapy can be hard for your body, causing many unpleasant side effects. The most obvious side effect for many chemotherapy patients is hair loss.

Hair Loss

Losing your hair can be emotionally difficult to experience.  It is a visual reminder to everyone you know that you are fighting cancer. It can affect your self-esteem and your quality of life. Not all chemotherapy medications cause hair loss. Your doctor or oncologist will be able to tell you whether the cancer treatments you'll be undergoing will cause any hair loss.  

Mesothelioma Lawyer Bronx NY

Depending on the treatments you'll be having, you could lose your hair anywhere from a week to 21 days after your first chemotherapy treatment. Even though your hair will fall out, remember that hair starts to grow back when your chemotherapy treatments are over. It may have a different texture or color, but these changes often are temporary.

Some patients will shave their head once their hair begins to fall out so they don't have to experience losing clumps at a time. Often chemotherapy patients will wear a head covering, either a nice scarf, a hat or a wig. Keep in mind that some insurance plans do cover a portion of the cost for head coverings, including wigs. If you decide you want to wear a wig, it's a good idea to buy one before all of your hair has fallen out. It gives you the chance to match the wig to your hair color. Having a wig before you need it can also make you feel better prepared to handle your impending hair loss. 

Asbestos Lawyer Bronx NY

Nerve Damage

Chemotherapy patients sometimes find their hands and feet becoming numb, a condition called peripheral neuropathy. It can make it difficult for you to pick up items or button your clothes. It can also affect your balance. In some patients, nerve damage also can cause hearing loss and jaw pain.

Many of these symptoms don't happen overnight; they can gradually develop over time. Many people don't notice that they've been experiencing nerve damage until after several chemotherapy treatments. Make sure you inform your doctor or medical team if you experience any symptoms of nerve damage. Many times the nerve damage is temporary and will get better with time. Before then, try to be extra cautious, especially when handling hot or sharp objects and use handrails on stairs or when bathing. 

Mesothelioma Lawyer Bronx NY


When you are undergoing chemotherapy, the drugs can reduce your white blood cells, which fight infection, making you more vulnerable to getting infections. The condition is called neutropenia. Most people who suffer from infections during chemotherapy get bacterial infections.

If you aren't feeling well after a chemotherapy treatment, take your temperature. If your temperature is 100.5 degrees F. or higher, call your doctor's office. In many cases, fever is the only sign of an infection. If it isn't treated quickly, a fever could develop into a life-threatening situation.

It's likely your doctor will prescribe antibiotics for you to treat the infection, either in pill form or administered through an IV.
To decrease your risk of having an infection, wash your hands regularly with soap and water and clean any cuts or scrapes you have right away. It can be beneficial to carry a small bottle of hand sanitizer with you wherever you go, just in case you can't find a sink to wash your hands.

Mesothelioma Lawyer Bronx NY

Below is a list of helpful information

Possible Asbestos Exposure Sites

  •     Gutta Percha and Rubber Manufacturing Company
  •     Standard Oil Company
  •     Miller Apartment
  •     L Schepp
  •     American Railway Traffic Company
  •     Works Alpha
  •     L Waterbury and Company
  •     Bureau of Child Welfare Office
  •     Sorzano and Company
  •     Independence Houses
  •     Mckesson and Robbins
  •     Steinway & Sons
  •     Erie Basin Dry Dock
  •     Lister Manufacturing Company
  •     Dunlop Tire & Rubber
  •     Business Properties,Inc.
  •     King's County Hospital
  •     Nat'l City Bank
  •     Postal Telegraph Cable Building
  •     Metropolitan Traction Company 25Th Street Station
  •     Arcade Maintenance Corporation
  •     Columbia University
  •     Hospital For Joint Diseases
  •     De Ford and Company
  •     Brooklyn

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