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If you or a loved one have been diagnosed with Mesothelioma or Lung Cancer, you have important legal rights and may be entitled to financial compensation.  Did you know there is over 30 billion dollars in asbestos trust funds available for victims?  You can use this money to help with medical bills and treatment, and provide peace of mind for your family's financial future.  Please call today to get the facts.  Toll Free 1-866-777-2557 or simply fill out our contact form below and a North Bellmore Asbestos Attorney will get back to you.  This is a free, no obligation consultation.  There are no legal fees unless we help secure a financial settlement for you.  1-866-777-2557.  Call now.   Mesothelioma Lawyer North Bellmore NY

Mesothelioma Lawyer North Bellmore New York

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How Much Exposure Does it Take to Trigger Mesothelioma?

There are a number of factors that affect your risk of developing mesothelioma once you are exposed to asbestos. Though any amount of asbestos exposure can be dangerous, those with high-dose long-term exposure are at a greater risk. There are also things you can do after exposure that increase or decrease your risk. If you are concerned, speak with your doctor about your exposure and learn what you can do to decrease your risk for mesothelioma. You will also want to consider:

The Duration of Your Exposure

The majority of people who have developed mesothelioma worked in an environment in which everyday exposure was the norm. There are also incidences in which regular second hand exposure resulted in mesothelioma. If you worked with the material or you lived or spent time with someone who did, your risk is increased.

Mesothelioma Lawyer North Bellmore NY


Most people have experienced some degree of asbestos exposure at some point in their lives. Researchers have tested people who did not work in asbestos related industries and found there is minimal buildup in the lungs. Fortunately, it is very rare that small amounts of asbestos exposure will result in mesothelioma, though it is possible.

Individual Risk Factors

This is where you gain some control over your likelihood of developing mesothelioma. Those who have other health risks are more likely to develop cancer than those who are in fairly good health. At the very least, if you are in good health and you do receive a mesothelioma diagnosis, you stand a better shot at seeing positive results from your treatment.

Another important factor over which you have control is cigarette smoking. There is no evidence that smoking causes mesothelioma, but it does increase the risk for those who have been exposed to asbestos. If you are in a high risk group for mesothelioma, you must quit smoking immediately. By doing so, you reduce your risk by up to 80%. Think of it this way: smoking causes damage to your cells, just as asbestos does. The less damage your cells endure the likelier they are to function properly.

Asbestos Cancer Lawyer North Bellmore NY

If you are concerned about asbestos exposure, speak with your doctor. He or she can talk to you about your risk factors and whether or not you are having any symptoms that could be related to mesothelioma. The earlier this type of cancer is detected the better your chances of survival. Keeping an open dialogue with your doctor is not overreacting, it is protecting your health.
Mesothelioma Lawyer North Bellmore NY

Below is a list of helpful information

Possible Asbestos Exposure Sites

  •     American Wood Fire Proofing Company
  •     Bloomingdale Brothers
  •     Pearl Street and Park Row Police Headquarters
  •     New York Hospital Cornell Medical Center
  •     Ny City Board of Transportation
  •     Niagara Asbestos Company, Inc.
  •     U.S. Hoffman Machinery Corporation
  •     E.R. Squibb and Sons
  •     Murry's Hardware
  •     United States Smelting
  •     Tuttle and Bailey Manufacturing Company
  •     International Motor Company
  •     A Schroders Son
  •     Sinclair Petrochemicals, Inc.
  •     National Gypsum Company
  •     Storms and Company
  •     Anaconda Company
  •     Standard Gas Light Company of The City of New York
  •     Trico Products Corp
  •     Simonds Saw and Steel Company
  •     Pitts Agricultural Works
  •     Sure Fire Fuel Corporation
  •     Thomson Meter Company
  •     Central Union Gas Company
  •     Department of Environmental Protection
  •     American Cotton Oil Company
  •     National Maritime Union Building
  •     Rikers Island
  •     Alden Sampson and Sons
  •     Us Aeronautical Engine Plant War Department
  •     St Lawrence Apartment House
  •     Columbia Presbyterian Hospital
  •     Caronet Phosphate Company

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Mesothelioma Lawyer North Bellmore NY
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